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Crewing and manning agent providing crewing services, manning services and crew to International vessels since 2001 SouthPoint recruits, screens and supplies crew to Ship Owners and Managers.

Our Guarantee
Supplying seafarers to meet specific qualifications and crewing requirements of vessels quickly and at reasonable costs is SouthPoint guarantee whilst adhering to a policy of maintaining the high standards required by our principals

Our Foundations
Founder of SouthPoint, possessed the foresight to start a crewing agency seven (10) years ago. His vision was that the employment of seafarers, providing employment and contributing to the economy, and meeting the needs of ship Owners. He worked together with the Malaysian Marine Department to form policies, regulations and government agencies that would encourage growth and regulate the industry.

Years of Experience Staff
Experienced staff in fulfilling crew requirements has equipped us with not only experience and knowledge but also with vast amounts of information gathered from interviewing, training, and handling the documents of seafarers and crew. The advanced company operating methods and management. Response time to Ship Owners’ needs is shortened through a computer system that matched seafarer to a company and its vessels. Using this database, our company has supplied full crews for dry cargo vessels, bulk carriers, container vessels, product tankers, oil tankers, VLCC, cattle carriers, OBOs, cruise liners, high-speed passenger ferries and yachts. The checking and verification methods we use make certain the seafarers we supply possess the training, skills, and qualifications as stated in their certificates and licenses, and that they meet the STCW '95 convention standards, as well as the ISM code.

Benefits of our services to ship Owners
Flexible and fast in our decision making; quick to respond to requests; and available to principals at any time. Providing these services has given us an insight into government departments and agencies, and the experience and contacts to successfully negotiate on behalf of principals. These are our assurances you will be working with a group that is permanent, secure and reliable.

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